Sunday, September 4, 2011

Childhood "Instructions"

I am thrilled to be an aunt for the very first time.   My little nephew is about 21 months old and I must admit to missing him very much between visits.  I appreciate the way that he makes me see small things as though for the first time and to delight in them.   Our house fan fascinated him.   He sang and danced in front of it, giggling and reveling in the air being blown towards him.  I introduced him to water in our pool and he splashed and blew bubbles for over a half an hour.   I can't wait to introduce him to books and poems.

Speaking of poems,  I came across this one when someone on Facebook mentioned that they were using it at their wedding.  It is by a wonderful author named Neil Gaiman.  You may know him as the creator of "Coraline" but he has written many other books that are powerful and amazing.   Here is is poem entitled "Instructions" just in case you find yourself caught in a fairy tale:


Marilyn Rock said...

Well; it's been awhile since I've visited you, here, and so happy I did. The poem is beautiful - thank you!

Also; congrats on the "AIR"! Your technique with the food coloring is awesome! Love it. I've missed your art!

Did you sign up for Katie Kendrick's online class? I think I'm seeing your name there??? If so - I'm doin' the happy dance!

Best always - Marilyn xxoo

Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

Amazing art work,I'm speechless and what a cute little baby!
Hugs Anja

Trishia said...

Heather, in Neil's poem he makes the statement, "Trust your story." My problem is that I'm afraid my story will be a tragedy. One of my greatest fears is that I'll be 90+ on my death bed and from that vantage point, I'll KNOW that my story was a wonderful read but that I wasted so much of my life living in fear at the next turn of the page....And that will be a tragedy. Thank you for the gorgeous visuals and the eloquent reminder to trust my story:)

Trishia said...

After a close up look at your 'bingo' collage, I confess I chuckled at the dog's misfortune to have the King's ear -- or vice versa!hehehe
TOO funny -- my word verficiation is learii. I'd say this dog and his pulled ear is leary of the king:)