Friday, September 2, 2011

Artist in Residence....What a Thrill

I was so excited to be asked to be artist-in-resident at French Kissed for the month of September. What that means is that I will provide a technique that will be posted on the French Kissed blog every Friday during the month.  Trishia's images are a delight to use and if you haven't had a chance to see what she has to offer in her Zibbet site, I've added a link on the right hand column of my blog.  This week I decided to begin with a technique for creating backgrounds for cards, assemblages, artist trading cards....anything really!

Okay, let's begin. You'll need to gather your supplies and let me warn you that it's a little messy! That's what makes it so enjoyable!! I actually worked outside. Gather a shallow dish with water, pieces of 90 lb. hot pressed watercolour paper, plastic wrap, food colouring, fine or coarse salt and gold or silver ink (optional).

You'll want to cover your surface with something to protect it and you may want to wear gloves to protect your hands unless you like the multicoloured look!! Ensure that your watercolour pieces of paper can be dipped thoroughly through the water. Once dipped, allow the excess water to drip off them then lay the paper down on a protected surface.

Drop food colouring on top of the paper, using as many colours as you wish. There's no need to cover all the white space at this point.

Cut off a piece of plastic wrap that is slightly larger than your paper. You will use the plastic wrap to gently spread the colour to get the coverage that you wish.

At this point, you can sprinkle fine or coarse salt on top for a tie-dye look or swirl in a bit of silver or gold ink...just a bit though. Finally, crinkle the plastic wrap on the top of the paper and leave to dry.

Once dry, remove the wrap and....voila! have a gorgeous background.

I've used the faux watercolour background in this assemblage.   I love the dreamy quality it gives to the piece.  

Okay, it's your turn!   Be sure to let me know if you try it....or if you have questions.  


Aimeslee said...

Love the piece you made with your background. Great tute, too. If I don't have food coloring, I guess I can use dye reinker tubes, right? I did this once when I was in a class over at Artists of the Round Table where we did the techniques in Gwen Diehn's The Decorated Page. It was fun, but I used watercolors and had a bit of trouble with getting the glad wrap to make patterns in the paint...xoxo

ShabbyChicShaz said...

Wow, what great backgrounds. If it wasn't raining here right now, I'd be out in the garden trying out this technique. Thanks for sharing :)

Janny said...

Really beautiful, tnkx for sharing;o)