Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Stamper - In My Life

I remember as a child just feeling"odd" I really didn't fit in and didn't want to fit in with everyone else. This feeling persisted well into my twenties when I discovered rubber stamping. I couldn't believe how alive I felt when I was creating. When I discovered the numerous communities in the cyberworld that were devoted to my passion, I found groups of people who understood my passions and peculiarities. I also realized that not fitting in had its rewards. The them for Sunday Stampers this week is In My Life. I used a baby photo of myself to design this round robin page that captures snippets of my life and loves.


Hels said...

Aw hunny .. you know what? That is so sweet and I know exactly how you felt too! Must be a stampers thing eh? Thanks for joinin in with the challenge and your lovely comment to me...I loooove what you made, what a little cutiepie you were hun .. .hugs xx

Anneke said...

wow, how adorable this is.
i have seen your latest work and i find it beautiful and original.
regards from ann

Amy said...

this is lovely and I like how you used the theme in a pesonal way! I know I'v felt out of place many time's..even among other women! I have always felt a better connection with other artist freinds.
I love all the other unique picture's you have added..the crown is so cute.

Linda Elbourne said...

Awww this is lovely X

Charlotte said...

Sweet and adorable! I understand about sometimes not always fitting in with some people. It's kinda like going to party in a long gown and finding out that your host is hosting a cocktail party instead.

You might find this story funny:

My 85 year old parents yesterday after church attended a bridal shower for someone in the Church Choir. Upon arrival they quickly found out that they were suppose to bring a cover dish. Apparently this little item was covered in the email invitation that was sent. My dear sweet Dad explained that he didn't have a computer and how were they to know?

Everyone had a good laugh and it really wasn't a problem for the hostess since there was plenty of food!

I hope that you have a great week!