Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Daily Art Stop - Transformations

The Daily Art Stop challenge today is to think about transformations, a very relevant theme at this time of the year as the world seems to be awakening after a very difficult and harsh winter. I have the pleasure this Spring of discovering surprises in my new gardens, ones planted by previous owners. On the weekend, I gently brushed away a layer of decaying autumn leaves to discover the most delicate spray of vines. Clumps of snowdrops adorn front and back gardens with their delicate white bell-like flowers. And the voyage of discovery has just begun.... I am always moved by this quotation from Abram Urban about gardens being places to think and to dream. We all need these places of refuge, quiet and serenity to do just that. Perhaps art is your place too as it is mine.


Rosemary said...

I love this and how beautifully you've paired the art with the quotation. I take joy in things I can do with my hands; playing in dirt or playing with fabric, pens, thread,'s the creative process and watching something appear before your eyes. It just takes longer for the garden!

Cathy said...

Not just dreams but hope too. Your artful spirit seems to have been meant to create this piece for the poem. It's beautiful.

Diana Evans said...

oh what fun's like getting special gifts as they come up from the ground....I love your pieces and thank you so much for participating in this week's challenge!!!

you always amaze me!!!


Anneke said...

very beautiful heather.
and lovely quotation

lorhen82 said...

Heather, you've made me wish I had a serene garden to retreat to. I grew up in the country, but now I live in the city - a fairly quiet neighborhood, but it's never REALLY quiet. And there's no privacy. I really miss the serenity of country life, where there are no houses right next to mine. Your pieces are lovely! ~Lori

Marilyn Rock said...

Your art is such a companion for the quote - just beautiful!