Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sleeping Muse

I call her Maisy, my muse, and she has been sleeping, for months!    I just looked at the date on my last post and couldn't believe that it's been that long since I was inspired to write.   I guess I haven't been creatively dry but rather have redirected my energies into gardening, cooking, crocheting.   I must admit though that I've felt a restlessness and a void where art lives within me.    Thank you to my faithful friends who gave me a nudge every once in a while by leaving a comment.  

It's funny....when you haven't created art for a while,  it is difficult to ease back into it.   Fear and insecurity has a way of taking over.   In my case another artist was very instrumental in urging me forward.   Her name is Cori Dantini.   I don't know her but I purchased a desk calendar/planner with her artwork in it.  Initially it was to go to a friend but I couldn't part with it.   I knew, however, that I wouldn't use it so I (gasp) cut it apart and reconfigured the illustrations in it.  I spent two delightful days making cards, art journal pages and a round robin spread.  Thank you Cori for your delightful artwork.  It is amazing.


Melissa said...

These pieces are beautiful!

Shelley Whiting said...

I love these pieces. They're very fun and magical.

koi seo said...

These pieces are beautiful!

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