Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thoughts of a Dear Friend

Do you ever have times when you have an unidentifiable feeling of discomfort?   You're just "off" and you have no idea why.   I had that feeling most of last week.  I just happened to have a look at my calendar and realized that January 27th marked the 5 year anniversary of the passing of a very dear friend of mine.   I felt compelled to honour him in some way and did so in a journal spread.  I met Arnold at the library and after getting to know him, he invited me to go canoeing with him.   He called his red canoe "Cricket" and he was out in it as often as he could be exploring, often with a tiny teddy bear for company that he called "Grunt".  It was a delightful day and one of many more that I shared with Arnold.    He was one of those people who just brought sunshine and richness to life.   He loved music, movies, fine wine, nature, good books....the simple pleasures of life....and he shared them freely with friends, family and neighbours.  I gave him a copy of  Kate DiCamillo's "Beacause of Winn-Dixie" and he enjoyed it so much that he spent several evenings reading it aloud to his neighbourhood  children.  He set up a tent in his living room and camped over Christmas and decorated a tree in the woods for the season.   His passing was like a whisper but his life and all he shared lives strongly in my heart and the hearts of many others.    He once told me that when he died, he wanted to be remembered by this poem:

Elinor Wylie

I hall lie hidden in a hut
In the middle of an alder wood
With the back door blind and bolted shut
And the front door locked for good.
 I shall lie folded like a saint
Lapped in a scented linen sheet
On a bedstead striped with bright blue paint
Narrow and cold and neat
The midnight will be glassy black
Behind the panes with wind about
To set his mouth against a crack
And blow the candle out.

Gone from this earth but never forgotten.

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Laura Haviland said...

So touching and truly beautiful Heather.
Thank you for sharing.
"Forever lasting spirit in your heart".
Thinking of you.