Sunday, April 24, 2011

Do You Know Where Your Ham Is?

I was just at my hair stylist's house getting my Easter "doo" and he told me a very funny story.   His wife is a vegetarian but on special occasions she buys a piece of meat and cooks it for him.    She had been the grocery store and had purchased a piece of ham for just this purpose.  As she was hauling the grocery bags into the house, the telephone rang.    She dropped the bags at the door and went to answer it.   When she returned a few minutes later, she was just in time to see a very large raccoon with the piece of ham clutched in his teeth waddling away triumphantly.   The morale of the story....."always keep an eye on your ham" and "we are being watched!"   Warm Easter greetings to you all.


Folk Heart said...

That's a riot! Reminds me of the Christmas Eve affair we held one year, and although she had never done so before, there was my Old English Sheepdog with both paws on the dining room table helping herself to the sliced ham. It must be irresistible to our four legged animals as well as us. Your story sure made me laugh!

Folk Heart said...

Yikes! I hit "send" before I mentioned how very much I love your altered tin, the subject matter, the composition, that killer rusted fence and most of all the word "Grace". This is a true delight!

Gerri Herbst said...

Now that would be something to see. Loved your sweet altered tin!