Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Surprise Challenge - A Touch of Fantasy

A girlfriend was just telling me that she was helping her parents clean out their attic and found all sorts of childhood goodies including a bag of doll parts (we won't even touch that one!) and her paper dolls. We both reminisced about the hours spent with these flat recreations of humans and characters and their wide array of outfits and accessories. We both shared a love of "The Patridge Family" and had the dolls complete with their bus!! The theme for the Saturday Surprise challenge is "A Touch of Fantasy". Isn't it wonderful to be able to just let our minds wander into imaginative worlds, even as adults?


Debby said...

Hi Heather,
What a great post this is. I really enjoyed reading it and thinking of my childhood memories. I love this collage, it is really fabulous.

Svenja said...

Great idea! A beautiful card and a biiiig smile.

Marilyn Rock said...

What a wonderful card this is! There's a bit of whimsy in it which I like! Precious image and I love what you've done with this! xxoo

Rosemary said...

This brought back some memories, paper dolls were wonderful and made you use some imagination. Ah well, really pretty creation!