Monday, May 11, 2009

Collaborative Art Journey

I recently finished a collaborative project with fellow blogger and dear friend, Val Foster. We each created backgrounds on a canvas and sent them to one another to finish. These are the two pieces that were created. I've described the exciting and challenging experience below!

I created the background for the piece above and Val very beautifully finished it. I so admire her use of found objects and organic materials.

Val created her luscious background on a pizza box and I finished it with "vignettes" created with tiny canvases. Each holds a tiny surprise. It's amazing how we both use organic materials but in totally different ways.

I have been so excited to share this experience with everyone. I recently completed a collaborative art project with a fellow blogger of mine, Val Foster from Val's Altered HeART Journey.

We had become quite friendly as we visited one another's blogs and commented on artwork. We also laughed about how different our styles were. One day, Val proposed that we collaborate to create canvases. Each of us would create a background then send it to the other person to finish. This started a journey that has taught both of us so much and has deepened our relationship as friends and artists. We emailed one another frequently and expressed our fears, our insecurities, our delight and our elation, often finding that we shared many of the same feelings about the experience.

We both initially worried that we had to somehow duplicate the style of the other. After talking about this, we gave ourselves permission to finish the pieces by being true to ourselves and our own styles. This was a freeing moment, believe me.

Val and I decided to post about our collaborative experience at the same time so that you could read each of our thoughts. We also wanted to urge you, if this at all appeals to you, to give it a try. The results will amaze you and leave you somehow changed!


Karen Valentine said...

How wonderful for you to have a friend to collaborate with. Both pieces came out really beautiful.


Val Foster said...

Well, I'm happy and proud to be the first one to post a comment here on this post. I know that both of us were so, so excited to post photos of our collab art, and also about the whole experience.

And that we both love words, and writing, almost as much as we love making art. I must commend and compliment you though on your writing about this whole wonderful experience, and how you conveyed that in a much more concise way than I did. I kind of went on and on, and was probably too verbose.

However, just as with our art, we both tried to convey the whole wonderful experience in our own way.

This has been one of the very best experiences of my life as an artist, and I'm so grateful for the friendship that developed out of it.

Big warm hugs,

Dawn said...

Wow Heather what a great thing to do and a great friendship has also been created -
The two pieces are so different and equally amazing...

Well done ladies


Brenda said...

Wonderful. It must have been an amazing experience.