Friday, August 22, 2008

State Fair ATCs

I recently participated in an artist trading fair swap with a "State Fair" theme. At first, the theme had me rather stumped then I thought about everything that I remembered about going to the fair. We don't have state fairs here in Canada but we do have fairs in towns and cities. I remember the rides, picking up freebies from businesses with booths, handmade items and baking that had been judged with ribbons attached to them, the animal pavillion and lots of non-nutritious but necessary food like candy floss, corn dogs, bacon on a bun (I could go on). I chose to feature the rides with my atcs and found these great images of vintage merry-go-round animals. The children fit on them so nicely.


Nancy Maxwell James said...

these are both just precious! I love the images you selected! welcome back from your trip! :)

Alberta and Ava said...

I love the carousel zebra and rabbit and the colors in these cards!

RubyMay said...

absolutely gorgeous x
Thank you for visiting my blog
Heather...about the memory boards...the company is called "Keepsake" and they make thick plastic boards with different grooved patterns on. You place your card on the board and run a 16mm embossing tool over the grooves to pattern your card ..there are channels to guide you. Hope this explains ! xxx

Linda said...

They are great Heather - you've brought back lots of childhood memories. Here in Nottingham we have a special one called Goose Fair, its very famous. I loved it as a child (but not any more!).
Linda x

Rein said...

These are Fabulous !!

Barb said...

Oh Heather,
These are wonderful, especially luv the tiny paper hat on the little boy.
Many thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog.
Wishing you an artful weeke-end.

Marilyn Rock said...

I don't think there's a theme, out there, that you can't do! Beautiful State Fair ATC's! They both have a wonderful approach; the images are perfect with your backgrounds! I love these!

Sherry said...

Heather, you've "captured" State Fair with these ATCs. I'm from Toronto as you know so I'm the CNE kid -- now THAT is a fair!! Actually it's an exhibition which is bigger than a fair but it was our childhood yearly event that we so looked forward to. It also always signalled the end of summer...once Labour Day hit, school was the next day!

Anonymous said...


Dawn said...

I love them - amazing images you find!
Have a lovely weekend


Carole said...

What a great theme for a project! Wonderful ATC's.

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

I went to our state fair last week-to work in the booth for one of the candidates for President of the US. I had a ball!! Your state fair art is wonderful!
hugs chris