Sunday, April 6, 2008

Step Outside Your Box Saturdays - Color Your World...Differently

We were asked to use colours in our artwork that we normally don't use for this week's Step Outside Your Box Saturday. It's funny how we gravitate toward certain colours and combinations of colours and mine preferences seem to be earthy, jewel tones. For this project I used pastels which normally don't appear in my artwork. This little book was made for my lovely friend Gillian as a personal exchange. It is a library pocket tag book. I used images of babies on cupcakes created by the talented Kris Hubick. I then selected recipes from my own collection to add to each tag accompanying the babies. Gillian and I thought this book was lost because it took 10 weeks to travel from Canada to Scotland! It arrived the day after I'd mailed a second, replacement book. Now we kid one another that it actually travelled by donkey. We have talked about the donkey so often that I think we're going to have to name it. If you'd like to see the book that I received in return, have a look on Gillian's blog and be prepared to gasp!


la femme said...

Hi Heather!
your work is great!
I'm a fan to your blog and Kristin!
I love retro, I work wiht objet found, i,m artist too.
la femme

Lucy said...

That book is adorable!! Every once in awhile we do have to step outside of our box and experiment with new colors, new combinations of colors and maybe a technique or two that challenges us. I have a tendency to use a lot of blues so I've been trying to make a conscious effort to move towards new colors--it's hard though but refreshing once you break through that barrier!

I'm glad your dear book finally arrived to your friend! 10 wks--geez!

Summer Gypsy said...

I love your tag book!!!! This has inspired me to do a recipe tag book. Cupcakes! YUM!!! That donkey must have enjoyed the lovely scenery!

Sarah said...

Beautiful Work Heather. LOL@ the Donkey!!!

Anneke said...

heather your work is so beautiful and a joy to watch it.

Dawn said...

Wonderful Heather and you did really well working outside your box - these colors work so well in this tag book and the theme

A Note From The Queen said...

Very Yummy!!! Honestly, I don't think there's a color that you couldn't do justice to, you're work is always brilliant!!

Anonymous said...

Heather...this turned out awesome. Great idea with the recipes and of course those images are adorable :)

Gillian said...

I adore this Heather, the colours, image and recipies are just yummy, lol at that poor old donkey, but he got there in the end my friend. Thank you so so much:)x