Monday, June 4, 2007

Altered Playing Card

I altered these playing cards yesterday for a swap that I joined. It will be an amazing deck when all of the artwork is assembled! PaperWhimsy images were a requirement and that is always a pleasure.


Mary-Beth said...

These are wonderful. And such a great project.

LOL Thank you for the larger images.

Laura said...

I can't take it, they are so nice !
Where did you get the blue playing cards? I love the little gals.
You are after my own heart!
My favorite little gals, crown and butterfly ! Love it. All at once, wow.
Great creative ideas, thank you.
Hugs, Laura

Anonymous said...

Great idea for family members with dementia. My dad is in the stage that he doesnt remember people but you can tell he knows he should. I am going to do family photos on the cards, lable them with the names and put them on one of the old fashion ball chains. Easier than trying to turn pages in an album and may help to keep the memory there a little longer.

Kelly said...

wow... these are awesome! I think I will need to order some of those images. hehehe!

Heather Robinson said...

My grandfather had dementia as well and we were always looking for ways to remind him of family. This is such an excellent idea. Thanks for your comment.

Studio Panorama said...

Heather has a blog! YAY!

Great cards. It will be a wonderful project. I can't wait to get it back.