Sunday, June 24, 2007

"About Books" Pages

Thank you for letting me indulge myself by posting scans of my altered board book spread by spread. I very much appreciate all of your very kind comments on it. The last spread is based on a quotation about books and the places that house them....very near and dear to a librarian's heart.


allotment lady said...

Wow - absolutely stunning - I have never tried altering a book - but your work is so inspiring - definitely something I should try in the winter months when I get more time.


Zuzu's Blog said...

I have enjoyed watching the pages of this book get shown on here .. it must look stunning to have the whole thing in your hands to
browse through at leisure ..

Nancy Maxwell James said...

I have never done an altered book (journals and what not) but this is amazing. beautiful piece and details!

Laura said...

Fabulous !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really enjoying seeing your pages.
Now I want to do a book too. LOL.
Thanks for sharing with us.
Such a treasure.
Hugs Laura.
A special keepsake.

Melinda Cornish said...

I didnt know you were a librarian! Books are my passion, especially kids books! The old mother goose book that you used little panels from I have....Maybe someday we can do an altered book on books.....I would adore that! I had so much fun doing the "little women" spread of Martha's...I love how you have done this subject....Is there anything better than a good kids book? Melinda

Mary-Beth said...

Just gorgeous. You did such a spectacular job on this and it is an wonderful treasure to have.